Thursday, 21 August 2014

Setback (Averted)

LouLou's Prolapsed Disc Truths: When you wake up with sciatica in both legs it is time to take heed; when you can't sit down for more than a few minutes without your back locking, it is time to take action (or inaction, whichever is most appropriate).

I fought it on Monday by weaving standing up for the final panel on the warp - always my preferred position, but not always possible on my Ashford loom- and then going for a longish walk in the forest. Flat paths and fuelled by wild blackberries. Tuesday I had to admit defeat and have a complete rest day, flat on my back with bent up knees or on my side in foetal position, fuelled by ibuprofen. It worked! I was able to do my shop hours yesterday (a standing up job is a fine thing!) then warp up again and weave the above (small) section, followed by a seaweed and arnica bath.

Today is my sitting at the computer job (postponed from Tuesday). I shall take ibuprofen and see how much I can manage.

Tomorrow another studio day. I have a sheet of MDF to cover the sink and draining board in the kitchen so that I can cut Lino for printing, draw etc. standing up. I hope that by alternating the two activities - loom & Lino - I shall keep serious trouble at bay.

Here's hoping.


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