Friday, 15 May 2015

New Book Joy!

Inspired by reading 'Syllabus' (Lynda Barry) I ordered this, which arrived this morning. I have allowed myself to read the introduction, but am employing my inner Boarding School Matron (she who proves very useful with troublesome customers!) to make myself do some drawing and writing before I read anymore. I am perfectly capable, at the best of times, of becoming completely engrossed in a book to the exclusion of all else (except tea; I will always make time for tea): at present, with my brain now back to normal (The Boy may beg to differ; he thinks I am eccentric beyond words) but my body still in need of lots of rest, reading is my main occupation, though I also have my art bag next to me and a small sheet of MDF as a drawing / painting surface; when I cannot sit at loom or desk I can work in my bed :-))

I have been weaving, but have found that 20 minutes is the most that I can manage at one go. I have gone back to 'Derrière', the life study piece with embedded copper wire. Photo to follow........

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