Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Drowned and the Saved

With all that is in the news at the moment about migrants and whether they should be saved from sinking boats, I have been thinking once more responses to great need.  It seems to me that the only question that should be asked is

"Are we both human?"

The only decent answer is

"Then I will accord you the honour and respect that your value as a human being demands; because I have not surrendered my human-ness to ideology, nationalism or self-interest"

I have such a picture in my head for my 'Being Human' series!  The trick will be to close the gap between my vision and the contents of  my sketchbook; that only happens with disciplined and sustained drawing.  As the vision calls for pastels, I am going to have to have a foray to acquire some from the local art shop at the weekend; at some point I have loaned mine out and they have not been returned.

I am treating this time of recuperation as a sabbatical; the reading and reflecting that I am able to do now can only be of benefit as it feeds into my future creative practice.

Right now, the sun is shining and the skies are blue, so I am going to take the doglet out to my favourite fallen tree under the oaks and think nice thoughts…...

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