Monday, 29 June 2015

Serendipity (or Fortuitous Finds)

Mooching in the second hand book bit at TimeMachine yesterday I came across this; it is an absolute delight! About a small boy with an unstoppable urge to draw and paint, living in a family and culture who do not understand and somewhat fear his gift. The best lines so far?
'I grew up encrusted with lead and spectrum-ed with crayons. My dearest companions were Eberhard and Crayola. Washing for meals was a cosmic enterprise.'

On Saturday I modelled for an 'Oil Portrait for Beginners' class. Five portraits; what was interesting is that the one with the best likeness was by someone who had not drawn or painted 'since school'. I had forgotten how tiring 'sitting' is; my derrière was quite sore at the end of the day!

On another note, I am still having problems with Blogpress on my iPad. I cannot upload photos directly anymore, but have to go via the old web based editing, which has lost me the ability to share immediately with FB and Twitter and forces me to use Picasa to upload photos at all - at least from the iPad. Has anyone out there in the blogosphere had the same problem? And, more importantly, found a way to solve it? I have reinstalled Blogpress and checked the settings in OS, but no joy. It is a minor problem I know, but irritating nonetheless!

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