Saturday, 20 June 2015

Loot & Loose Ends

I have been beach combing again; yesterday at Prinsted (top of Chichester Harbour) and today at Bracklesham (open sea, and a feisty breeze).  The brown stone and crumpled metal are Prinsted finds, the holey and heart shaped stones at Bracklesham.  We (doglet and I ) also found ourselves in a promotional video for the beach cafe; huddled in fleece, doglet anchored to my chair -  a fine example of the English seaside on Midsummer Eve!  I feel it likely that we will end on the digital equivalent of the cutting room floor.  I have not been to Bracklesham for a few years and had forgotten how bracingly good it is.
Derrière continues apace; I set myself the deadline of entering it for a juried exhibition.  I need to finish the weaving by Tuesday at the latest so that there is time for the verdigris to develop along the wrapped wires…  I lost a couple of days earlier this week on a mission to London; on Wednesday I braved not only the North Circular but also the South Circular and the Hanger Lane Gyratory - mentioned so often in traffic reports.  I realised as I toddled round from Barnet to Barnes that I know people at many points only just off the whole route; I gave royal waves in their general directions.  
Now to return to the loom for the evening; Rachmaninov's Vespers on R3 from a couple of weeks ago.  Isn't iPlayer radio a wonderful thing?

addendum The long Ghiordes knot tufts will be trimmed much shorter.

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