Monday, 12 October 2015

Still Here

Tonight I finally finished the construction of the line image in wrapped copper wire on 'Derrière II'. I have been somewhat distracted otherwise occupied in the last few weeks; three residency proposals written, lots of computer hours worked, the Sark cartoon drawn and a research proposal underway. Upon rereading the entry criteria for the end of September deadline, I realised that this piece of work was not quite the thing for it, so I am now making other plans for her. The other major task has been to clear the rest of the sitting room so as to make workspace for the scaffolding loom. I also decided to replace some framed prints with my own Work - as you can see. 'Curvaceous' is the favourite of all my tapestries to date, and it seemed a shame to leave her rolled up in a box. Once the current piece is finished, the ring loom will go into the loft and the scaffold will come up from the garage. Colour will once more be in the yarn palette as I weave for 'Calypso', a joint exhibition at the end of November, celebrating the flora and foliage of Jamaica.

And the residencies? One application is still pending, one I have to give a presentation at the end of November and the third I WAS OFFERED. My jig of joy last Monday was something to behold after a weekend on tenterhooks! Next March I am going to be Artist in Residence at Portsmouth Cathedral, working on themes of memory / memorial / commemoration with the idea of weaving as an act of defiance against chaos and disorder. Very exciting, especially as it will be informed by and, in turn, inform my research project.

With all this, a small commission for Sark and the woven maquette for 'Shrine' * to get underway, followed by 'Shrine' itself, I have enough to keep me out of mischief until late 2016, if not beyond.

* the working title for a return to large scale Work. The paper maquette is on my desk as an allurement.

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