Thursday, 11 February 2016

Looking Forward.....

After a largely unbloggable few weeks, I can announce something exciting!The dates for my Portsmouth Cathedral Residency have now been confirmed:-

March 4-8, 12-15 and 19-20.

I shall be there each of these days from 10:00-17:00 although on some of them I am involved with workshops or other events which mean I shall be unavailable to visitors. There is an evening reception on 19th from 18:30-20:00 which is open to all to see the work produced. I shall also attempt to blog every day or so.

Tomorrow, I will be embracing my inner Rosie the Riveter. I have a trial day as a volunteer at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - in the small boats shed, Boathouse 4. Ropes! Rusty Things! Boats! Mysterious Tools! I expect to be very happy.....
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