Friday, 11 May 2018

Making the Most of Lovely Days

My walking mascot Manny Kin; I am working on the 1000 mile challenge with Country Walking magazine, and there is a mascot subgroup on Facebook.

The restored signal on the Hayling Billy coastal path, looking north towards Langstone. It was an excellent day for walking; just enough breeze to stay cool. I clocked up 5.5 miles; Flo probably managed twice that with her scamperings. She is clearly fully recovered from her hip injury!

Last evening I went to see Rory Kinnear and Anne Marie Duff in Macbeth (NT Live streamed to my local indie cinema). I have seen several productions (and been First Witch in one); this was spine-tingling, chillingly excellent.

I have yet to decide on today's activities; aren't holidays delightful?

Location:Hayling Island

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