Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Grease is NOT the Word, Scringy IS

A first attempt at creating the effect of a 'dissolving' line was just too fluffy, and, ironically, too thick in appearance. Pat coined the word 'scringy' for how the line should look in thread terms; messy, bouncy, light.... More experimentation with linen and cotton (admittedly of wrong shades of grey) and then back to a mix of black Shetland, grey Shetland and grey sewing thread, laid in individually. It also led me to change the core thread for the wrapped line. It is now a doubled fine linen in black; less chance of show through, and it can be lark's head knotted round the first warp in the sequence (no slippage). Sometimes it is worth undoing things to make them better. And so the scringy line is done, the right hand side of said line is about to be defined in wrapped cord, and then the head of the kneeling figure...
Not much time for weaving tomorrow, as we have drawing class all day. It is rumoured that the tutor is bringing some fish in for us to work from!
Today I learned how to do copper plate and drypoint etching; I so wanted to do it last year, but with thebigone to make I did not dare spare the time, glad to have got to it at last. I intend to include printmaking in my practice. And film, so I am having a tutorial in Final Cut next week. Woohoo!! I love the possibilities here.....

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