Thursday, 25 November 2010

Head Implosion (Averted)

I had one of those days today, when I started out all jaded and grumpy, and not sure whether the current pieces are working, and, and...... You know what I mean. I decided to keep weaving anyway, and before I knew it, the brain was afire with all sorts of ideas about how to change / improve / move things on. Too many ideas for a 'bear of small brain' to handle all at once, and threatening to leave me whimpering under the work table! Two remedies for such a thing: mug of strong tea and a chat with a trusted friend. Enter Diana, who listened while I talked it all out, offered encouragement and advice, made me laugh, and then we had tea (and a Violet Cream) together. Thank heaven for others to act as sounding boards when needed. The Tapestry & Textile Art group here is great; Diana, Erica, Magenta and Tommye. An amazing group of women with experience galore and loads of friendship to share. Thanks!

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