Friday, 23 March 2012

Is It Really Friday Already?

Tree in the Avenue at WD

I always feel that I am letting my readers down if I do not post an image - this was taken a while ago, but I rediscovered it recently.  It is crying out to be interpreted in felt and stitch.

Did the bulk of a small (7 x 7 cm) 'Seascape' this morning before heading off to WD to reclaim my FaD stuff and 'Curvaceous' who had indeed shrunk beautifully flat.  Perfected the art of removing a nail and flicking it straight into the storage box, helped by weird shuffle selection in my ears (e.g. Mahler segue into Stray Cats), followed by braiding the warp ends and packing it up to bring home.  A friend told me about another juried exhibition to enter for, so permitted my mind to wander over the theme and potential work - it is a small format show, so although entry date is April 15th, it is do-able.  It is a rare show with no entry fee!  I am setting up to be quite busy.....

1 comment:

  1. Would love to see "Curvaceous" and also you and Diana!

    I hope you will post her soon.

    Miss you all!!!


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