Thursday, 25 October 2012

Of Aerials and Other Things

Moley and Paul went in the pick up to collect the last section of the aerial. It was used to transmit something VERY IMPORTANT at sometime, somewhere, but, dear reader, the facts escape me. At TM it will be used for something or other, but not at its full height, I can't remember what or why. You can see that I am not in full possession of my faculties at present!

This evening I went to the PV and award ceremony for 'Outside In' at Pallant House Gallery. Very moving exhibition, and due to go to other venues over the next two years. PHG has been at the forefront of supporting outsider art for a few years. I also had a quick squint at the Gwen John / Celia Paul exhibit. We do get some good stuff in Chi. The paintings that Celia Paul did after the death of Lucien Freud are in the form of stations of the cross and are in the cathedral - my next port of call, tomorrow.

In Tapestry terms, I have been doing some more to 'Blue', and have to finish my entry for the ATA juried exhibition and look out some framed pieces to submit to an open art show in London.....

On Saturday I am getting the train 'home' to pick up my new wheels (have been carless for a few months) which my lovely Mum and Dad have found for me. I have not seen family since August, so am really looking forward to it.

My colours (it has a grey interior). The freedom of the road beckons!! P and M have been great about lifts, but it will be nice to be independent.


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  1. Is the millefleurs finished? how sad. Nice little car tho.


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