Friday, 12 July 2013

Procrastination Over

I have been avoiding the bottom right hand section of the tapestry for too long - indecisive about how best to render the strong acute lines of the spire (dimly seen in red) after some struggles with the least acute one. As always, the best remedy is simply to get to it and work through it, so that it what I finally did this morning; and, of course, the solution presented itself. I will now mark the position of the lines as I weave and add them in via wrapped dowel once I cut the piece off the loom.
This evening I went to the WD Visual Arts end of year show; some very strong work and an excellent show over all. I had a strange feeling; wistfulness? Nostalgia? I can't really define it properly. Strange because I am two years beyond graduation and have actually been living the life of a practising artist, have work in exhibitions and a solo show coming up. Why would revisiting make me feel sad?
Tomorrow is Awards Day, I am in the shop during the day, but will probably be able to visit the workshops and such afterwards to see the diploma work and also to attend the party. We are spoilt for social choices in Chichester at the moment; with the festival in full swing the average is about five events a night, from Rock bands to Shakespeare - and two plays at that!

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