Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Oh I Had Such a Good Time!

A very intensive and enjoyable weekend of life drawing; great tutor, great model and a nice bunch of fellow students. I have produced masses of images - not all of them good, but all taught me something or have potential either for more development as drawings, or as prints or as things never to do again!

The tutor played an interesting soundtrack to the sessions; we had Dylan, Renaissance Polyphony, Billie Holliday, Charles Trenet and Ute Lemper amongst others, tailored to the pose and the backdrop he and the model had created.

The main lesson that I learned? That I simply MUST get back to my regular life class and (to borrow a phrase from a certain sports shoe manufacturer "Just Do It"). It is the only type of drawing that I really enjoy and that feeds into my practice. I love to be in the landscape and absorb beautiful scenery, but have no desire to reproduce it on paper (or weave). The same is true of still life - I create them for myself with found objects and such, but never feel the need to draw them. So, as soon as term starts, it is back to my Thursday evening life group.


Location:Art Studio 1, WD

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  1. That's great to see you are getting back into figure drawing. It is one of my favourite things to do, and yet always seems to be such a hassle to organize.
    I think I should pin 'Just do it' over my easel.


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