Thursday, 22 August 2013

Studio Night Fever #1 *

Five more spire blocks and some odd bits in a three hour evening slot. The cloisters are locked at 7pm, so I have to walk the longer way round to the car park. Which is dark. As is the corridor out of the dungeon (the light switch is by the dungeon door, not the front door!). It is a good job that I am not of a nervous disposition and have a good little guard dog; but I must mend my key ring torch or carry my small Maglite (other makes of reliable torch are available) in my art bag. After the 'incident' in March, and with the ensuing court case coming up in a few weeks, it is as well to be careful.
A treat this weekend!! I have got a last minute place on an intermediate / advanced 'Dynamic Life Drawing' course. An opportunity to develop some ideas and techniques for a new body (excuse the pun) of work that I have in mind, building on some things I began last year. An excuse for a new sketchbook!
Before that, a weaving day tomorrow.......
*there will be more of them

Location:The Dungeon

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