Monday, 19 August 2013

Oops! I told you a whopper.

Billy Budd was not (as advertised by the cinema) the current production streamed live, but a recording from 2010. Still brilliant though and with the advantage of seeing John Mark Ainsley as Captain Vere. I was at college with him many moons ago, and have the (dubious) distinction of having played Periclot to his Chanticleer in a performance of Rooster Rag: "Every time I lay an egg, I think of you...." I doubt he would remember it after such a stellar career.

I did acquire a ticket to see the National Theatre streaming of Othello with Adrian Lester (HUGE crush) and Rory Kinnear next month. I am enjoying my Shakespeare at the moment; the Boy and I watched the Ralph Fiennes / Gerard Butler Coriolanus on Netflix the other evening and plan a 'Hollow Crown' marathon before he goes back.

Lest you think I have gone too highbrow, a limerick, courtesy of a Shakespeare themed edition of 'I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue'

That warrior Corialanus
Did several things that were quite heinous
He tortured the cat
Set fire to my hat
And now he's been sick in my trainers



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