Saturday, 14 November 2020

Memorial Pillar: First* Panel

*actually the fifth in the design, but it’s all a bit arbitrary.  It’s certainly the first to be woven.

I’m not sure why it looks wonky - it’s not - must have been the angle I held the iPad at.  The original tiny panel is blu-tacked to the reed bar for colour reference.  The enlarged panel photo hangs over the cloth beam.  

There will a lot of ressaut added after weaving to soften some of the edges, and add the detail shown up in the enlargement.

There’s wool, silk, linen, acrylic, and nettle in the mixes - which I have narrowed down to 19 basic ones, with extra threads added in or substituted as required; all the sampling whilst in Folkestone stood me in good stead to shorten the ‘palette process’ as I call it.

I’m enjoying it tremendously!  Even more so as, having loaned the Ashford loom to a friend yesterday, I have more space in the studio, and had a good tidy up this morning, making it an even more pleasurable Happy Place.  It is pouring with rain, and due to do so for the rest of today and all daylight hours tomorrow; good weaving and writing weather!

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