Friday, 6 November 2020

‘Weaving Against the Wound’

There were some issues uploading the last post - it was actually written on October 31st, and more progress has been made since then:-

The improvised warping board (as I can’t use the warping mill at WD at present) and chained warp - linen from Weavers Bazaar.

Tied on, waste weft and double half hitches.

Aphraminta Splodge inspecting the large scale print from which I traced the design lines for the first panel; it will hang near the loom for colour reference. I upped the contrast and saturation before printing to make the areas easier to delineate.  I am fortunate to have a very good printing company nearby (Lollipop Chichester, formerly ProCopy) who have done a lot for me over the years.  They have established a very good system for no contact for the time being; they also give a lollipop with each order collected!  I’m saving mine for when I’ve woven an inch all across.  
The woven colouring will be more subtle.  Now to stitch the cartoon to the waste weft and make a start.  

Weaving is my creative protest against the wounds in the world, and my affirmation of, and prayer for good order. Let the reader understand.

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