Monday, 9 November 2020

Untangling: A Parable

Once upon a time there was a weaver - let’s call her FrouFrou.  People often commented that she must be very patient, being a weaver, but she wasn’t really.  One day, FrouFrou bought some delicious, smooth, shiny silk yarn for her latest project.  This yarn, as many do, came in a skein.  FrouFrou knew, as do all weavers, and many knitters (and her Nannan before her, when all yarn came in skeins), that skeins must be wound into balls before you can use the yarn.  Horrid tanglements ensue if this rule is forgotten.  Nevertheless, because FrouFrou was excited about her latest project, and because the yarn was lovely, and because she was impatient (see above), FrouFrou hung the skein over the end of the loom, and started taking lengths from it as required...

It tangled.  

A lot.

Project over, the mare’s nest was put aside in a box. Yesterday, FrouFrou needed the yarn for another project, and decided that the Great Untangling must commence...

It took two hours of slow, patient (despite note above) winding and unknotting, but in the end, FrouFrou had a properly wound cheese of silk, still shiny, smooth and delicious.  

And the silk goes into a weft with other yarns, and the new project continues. 


The meaning of this parable?

Doing something properly in the beginning will save time in the long run, but, even if mistakes are made, wrong decisions taken, and tanglements ensue, with patient, loving attention, individual beauty and order can be restored, and then become part of a group that work together to make something new.

As Kiki Dee so wisely put it:-

"I will untangle myself

So that I can be

Loving and Free"

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