Sunday, 11 December 2011

Catching Up....

Friday: 'Forget what did' (With apologies to L.M. Alcott) during the day.  Hosted birthday supper with Eleanor at WD.  We made about a million (well 20) custom pizzas for our friends.  It was lovely to see everyone and catch up on the news / gossip.

Saturday: I went to the Weaving Day at Jane's studio in Angmering.  A lovely bunch of ladies, and a delightful day.  I started a new piece on the Glimakra frame.  In homage to Richter it will be a dark grey figure, 'dry-brushed' into the grey background, but in order to avoid any hint of misery and woe, there will be occasional threads of copper sparkle (I think) woven in.  There is an Italian Jewish proverb "No matter how dark the tapestry that the Almighty weaves for us, there will always be a thread of grace".  So the title of the piece (if it works!) will be 'Thread of Grace'.  I have kept the cartoon very simple so that it can have the spontaneity of brush strokes.  I have the luxury of weaving every day, but it is particularly nice to weave alongside others again; I do miss WD for that.

Today: Popped into the studio for a couple of hours to prepare the scaffold loom for warping tomorrow (energy and light levels too low to tackle it today).  It will be my first time warping a big loom single handed, so I have commandeered the stepladder, and will wear my running shoes to facilitate scampering.  I brought the easel home so that I can weave 'Thread of Grace' in the evenings if I need / want to, and to allay any suspicion that I am trying to take over all the space.

This afternoon was the Candlelight Carol service at church, and I was in the choir.  Very enjoyable, and so were the mulled wine and mince pies afterwards :-)  Next Sunday it is 'Beer and Carols' in the village pub; sounds like fun.

Tomorrow?  Warping up, cartoon work for 'Identity' and some smaller pieces. and beginning editorial work for Tapestry Weaver, the journal of BTG.  Feb's will be my first edition as Ed, so I need to make a start and a good job of it before time runs away.  I have had a good few articles submitted, so a nice lot of reading to do.....

'Not One, But Three', the robin hanging above my bed.  It has a story attached, one of hope in the midst of despair, light in the midst of darkness.  Another thread of grace.

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