Friday, 2 December 2011

A Woman's Work is Never Done.....

...especially when her brain is positively fizzing with new ideas and rediscovering old ones, and she keeps stopping what she should be doing (clearing the borrowed second garage of stuff: Boy's drum kit, various spare drums, keyboard, chairs-which-we-don't-have-space-for-but-don't-want-to-get-rid-of, etcetera, etcetera) and instead, drawing or writing in my journal, making owl mascots....  The robin is my personal 'totem bird', but because in Greek myth, Athena invented weaving, and the owl is her bird, I am collecting owl pictures for my studio space.  One is a postcard of an Athenian coin from 4BC, and the latest a kitschy owl from Paperchase.  One day (!?) I hope to weave a tapestry owl.  I have made a couple of steam punk ones from bits and bobs at Time Machine.  Perhaps I should post photos?  Anyway, the garage is NOT cleared and the flat is NOT hoovered.  Where is Jeeves when you need him?

My little cat, 'helping' with a drawing, 2006.  She is on my lap as I type.

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