Tuesday, 13 December 2011

On the Way...

 Tracing a section of my fingerprint (with 'help' from Henry the standard Poodle and his muddy feet - he will keep digging holes in the garden, and then being sent inside in disgrace)

 A little trip to Staples first thing yielded an A1 of 'nefesh' and A4 of the Hebrew characters.

 Overlaying the stylized fingerprint; it is there, honest.

 Stitched to the selvedge of waste weft that I put in yesterday, having warped up all by myself - would have been easier with a helper, but good to know that I can do it.  150 trips (half way) up the ladder, some 450 metres of warp.  The hideous flowery thing is the back of the South Downs quilt which hangs behind the scaffold.  It was the stitched petition made by different groups wanting the area to be designated National Park.  The front is much nicer!

Loaded bobbins resting on my lovely vintage Welsh double cloth blanket.

I was then able to start weaving.  It will grow quite quickly, but I need to keep up the pace with four more to make after this one!

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