Monday, 5 December 2011

Today's News

A good day in the studio.  I did another sample using the chosen wefts and a thicker warp at a coarser sett, and it was just the look that I wanted. Hoorah!  Popped out to the printers to get a poster size print of my fingerprint.  I took the pic with my digital SLR (10 megapixels), cropped it in Photoshop and increased the resolution to 600, but it was still a nice surprise to be able to have it printed at A0! I will trace the patterns and stylize it somewhat for the five cartoons.  In the afternoon I played about with fonts and text placement for the five words overlaying the fingerprints in the panels: nefesh, neshamah, hayyah, ruah and yehidah.  I may also include the Hebrew characters on each panel, but don't have them all yet.  I am really excited about this piece!  Sent samples of yarn to Weavers' Bazaar for colour matching, and will pop up to Town on either Wednesday or Saturday to visit Handweavers' Studio for the soft greys of the background and more Richter; I may also fit in the Grayson Perry at the British Museum.  On Thursday, a visit to the renovated mill where 'Identity' is taking place, after which I can finalize the panel designs and get going.  Although I may warp up the loom tomorrow for the first two.  Happy times!

And I came home to find a tree planted in my front garden!

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