Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Bit Nearer Still.....

Still behind my (self imposed) deadline, which is always annoying. I woke up yesterday with a sandpaper throat and a sawdust stuffed head. Probably picked something up from one of the youngsters on Friday [note to self, start regime of echinacea to ward off future lurgies] and have nursed it with fresh peppermint tea and Ribena, and a day off. Back in today, and progress on the background and another vine re-insertion. Also had a lightbulb moment about what to do for the last large flower, so prepped some lovely fat Swaledale yarn for dyeing yellow tomorrow, and sorted a load of brown beads for the centre. Does this give you a clue?

Not this, I just like the picture

Decided that there is no need to race to the finish. Slow and steady and all that.

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  1. Maybe a hint of poppy juice might also ward off that nasty sandpaper throat, best wishes that it goes away quietly.

  2. Now there's a thought! Much better today, so did the dyeing and some more green background. Have moved up a level courtesy of a slice of tree trunk lugged down the garden by Moley. Photos tomorrow.


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