Thursday, 23 August 2012


*only three days later than planned!

I got the warp on first thing this morning, before visitors were due to arrive, and was rewarded with a cappuccino and slice of chocolate roulade, brought out to me by Paul. Even with the early start, it was hot work.

The sea palette, with the first random blend on top. I do love my wool winder!!

I left the warp to settle, and will start weaving tomorrow morning. We had a lovely group of children and adults in for the second day today, so I made another pan of compote (blueberry and black currant today; yesterday was plum and apple) and did another mega batch of drop scones (=scotch pancakes, griddle scones, girdle scones and, I think, flapjacks). They were all scoffed before I could photo them.

I also spent some time experimenting with various jigs for fat French knitting, having decided that it will the best way to cover the yummy fat nylon rope we have wombled for making the octopus tentacles. Several prototypes and samples, and I think I am almost there. Now to enslave small children to make the 8 metres of FK I need!

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