Friday, 24 August 2012

A Good Day!

About 3" of weaving on the new warp. I had to do a bit of tightening with a big spanner before I started, and there are some shed sticks on the right hand side where it was still a bit soft. Good to have made a start.

I also solved the tentacle making problem; finding some long staples to make the pegs, and grey-brown Swaledale for the actual tentacles. I experimented with overdyeing it purple and it went fine.

Best of all, I nipped into Chi at lunchtime and visited the yarn shop. In the sale bin they had this:-

The perfect blend of colours to coordinate with the Harris I already have, and half price. What could be better? It is called LuLu. Yarn that really has got my name on it. Woohoo.

This afternoon we had five children in for workshops and two of them made VERY glamorous puppets:-

A very good day all round.

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