Friday, 10 August 2012

New Picture

The latest flower, made from loops of dyed Swaledale. Each loop is made off the loom, then one orange and one yellow are Larkshead knotted round a warp together. The centre is woven with a mixture of browns, with every third pick a separate strand with beads pushed to the front. I will get a pic of that once I have done a bit more.
There will be a bit of a gap in both weaving and blogging, as I am journeying North tomorrow to take the Boy back to Uni. We have to travel in stages to save my back, so will have some time with Mum and Dad in Northants on the way up and the way back.

Location:Time Machine


  1. Travel lightly and travel well. We'll look after your flowers while you are away. Hah ha, i just thought - a web cam!

  2. They were smiley faces on the keyboard but did not publish so
    :-)) :-)) -:))


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