Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I finished weaving 'Lament' at 1.05pm on 21st June. Interestingly enough (to me at least!), it was 21st June last year when I completed the weaving of 'Megalith'. I have been up to the Old Sidings with GB and an angle grinder to liberate (hem, hem) some rusty acrow props and iron water pipes for fabricating the support / frame in the next few days. I was photographed last week ready for the press release, and they are coming back once it is hung to take some more photos of the finished piece in its temporary location. The good news is that they are hoping that I can put it into the tree circle after the show, and leave it there until after the Apple Fair, so that it will be seen by all the garden visitors between July and October. Hop-te-tooty!!

I warped up a borrowed scaffold loom with fine red linen this morning, in order to begin weaving 'Picasso's Tear' this evening. Today has been too full of Prof. Prac. interruptions and questions. The peril of having lived through the process once I guess; I have a role as End-Of-Year-Show panjandrum.

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