Monday, 20 June 2011

Random photo of fungi because the Tapestry is NOT Finished....

....but only about 10cm to go. Many distractions last week - a day printmaking, various Prof. Prac. activities, AND, I have a studio space for the next months! More on this in a later post. Solving this 'problem' helped in my decision to accept an offer on my house in Northamptonshire, and reserve a property down here. Suddenly things are beginning to fall into place, and at a time which will enable me to concentrate on them fully once the Show is over. I find myself more than a little scared (but excited too) about the prospect of a new location and future, but equally certain that it will be OK - this is what I came to WD to prepare for - building up my practice as an artist. If I do not at least try to make a go of it, then I will always regret it. And I comfort myself that they cannot shoot you for failing!!

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