Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I have finished weaving 'Picasso's Tear', cut it from the loom and wrapped it to keep it clean during the great clear out.  I feel a curious sense of finality, or even loss; no more weaving now until I get back home, and I may not have time even then, with packing and such to do.  I can see the half built frame for 'Lament' from the window here.  It really is close to the end now.

We are having a celebration barbecue tonight, off campus.  I will have left WD twice in one day (Dr appointment this morning)!  And then tomorrow we have to clear all our stuff from our spaces so that the technicians can move the furniture and partitions on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday is 'paint the walls and floors' day, and Mon / Tues we hang.  Watch this space.....

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