Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Thunder and Lightning!

The poles were ready to assemble into a frame, the tapestry is ready to go onto a frame, but thunderstorms made it inadvisable to start waving four metre iron poles about outside.  Or any length poles for that matter!  A lull late afternoon made it possible for Gary and Dell to start making the frame - they are about half way, so we should be able to hang on Thursday, the next day that they have available.  That will indeed be a frabjous day.
Picasso's Tear is well on the way, I have ordered new business cards and did a whole lot of etchings today - inky fingers once more.  I really enjoy printmaking, and hope to be able to continue next year, using the print room here in exchange for 'services'!  I made some small book pages with drypoint images and text, and experimented with copper plate etching on to printed photo backgrounds and chine collĂ©.  Need to do a lot more to become a real adept, but am pleased with results so far.  The prints will not go into the show as such, but will be available for sale.  I also used the super-whizzbang printer to print some high quality A3+ images of drawings from earlier in the year, also for sale.  This one is called 'Embrace 2'.

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