Friday, 21 October 2011

At the End of the Day

We had a few interesting visitors today - including another weaver (cloth) who remembered seeing Lament at West Dean, and who used to be a tutor there many moons ago.  I still managed to get quite a bit done of the fiddly area of the upper thigh (6 bobbins / butterflies in about three inches; I feel like a lacemaker!).  I am planning to go in to the studio tomorrow morning to work on the neck and shoulder area.  The lines all slope to the left, so it has to be filled from left to right.  One of Paul's 'regulars' is a good and keen photographer and is going to bring in a tripod and help me with photographing her for the exhibition entry - he has already provided me with an adjustable height stool to work from, so no more Wurlitzer or Portsmouth FC leftovers for me.  The  3 mile drive through the wooded lanes to the studio is a delight at the moment.  I intend to cycle it one day.  Hold me to that dear Reader.

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