Friday, 14 October 2011

Where I Have Got To....

 A bright shaft of sunlight warms her feet.  Admire my lovely weaving bench (and the Wurlitzer stool stage right)
 Detail of head progress, ready to resume next week.
Her crossed ankles and right foot.

We have had a lot of visitors in the last couple of days which has slowed things down a little, but it is good to talk about work and 'educate' the public as to the work of an artist and the techniques of tapestry.

We heard yesterday that we have funding for the sensory garden, which includes two commissioned tapestries; an upright 'landscape' of textures and found objects, and a floor-based touch/soundscape of contrasting textures and materials which produce sounds when touched.  This is all part of Paul's vision of a resource for full spectrum families.  It is such a privilege to work in such a space.

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