Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Playing Hookey

I had a lovely day yesterday; away from the loom but still weaving related.  I drove up to Twickenham (via Ham and Petersham) to help take down the BTG exhibition which has been at the Stables Gallery, Orleans House since July.  Efficient planning by Mike et al meant that we were finished by lunchtime, so my WD chum Pilar and I went off for lunch together, which became a walk along the Thames, a drive through Richmond Park, tea and then supper at her house in Putney.  We reminisced about our time at WD, but also talked a lot about what we are doing (and planning to do) in our present studios, exhibitions we must go to and so on.  Left London at 9.30 and had a clear run back until the A27  bridge 'behind' my house (I think of it as MY bridge because I go over it almost every day, and under it fairly often), where bits of concrete had fallen or been knocked off, and were being repaired.  Frustrating to be less than a quarter mile from home and not able to get there!  Intriguing to ponder how it happened.  Not too long a delay, so home and in bed by 11.30.  Back to the Grey Lady today, although being half term we may have lots of visitors at Time Machine who desperately want to learn to weave.  We shall see.

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