Thursday, 20 October 2011

Finished Head.....

This was how she looked at lunchtime yesterday.  Pleased with myself, so had a bit of playtime with COLOURS, revisiting the optical colour mixing tapestry that I have in mind.  I also added a bit more to the sample loom that I have set up in the studio so that visitors can try weaving.  Strictly speaking I had to subtract somewhat; at the weekend when I was elsewhere, a child had done a whole section in the most marvellous (and presumably accidental) double soumak!!  Very nice, but unhelpful to anyone who wants to try authentic plain weave.

Back to the Grey Lady today, as although I had the closing date for entries to ATB9 in mind (31st Oct), what I did not have in mind is how far October has progressed already.  Doh!  She will be finished (if not cut off the loom - we want to have a ceremony / open studio for friends and guests), it is just whether the post will get there in time......

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