Thursday, 17 November 2011

Fickle Pickle

The stylized robin was OK, but a little steppy, so I warped up again and wove it sideways.  Result!  Photo later once he is blocked and his feet have been stitched on (?).  He may go into production (or at least 'made to order').

In the meantime, inspired by the upcoming BTG South East Group exhibition 'Identity' in April next year, I have made a new sketchbook and started working up some ideas based on the Jewish concept of 'You-ness' having five elements, namely Soul, Spirit, Life, Breath and Uniqueness.  It has been bubbling away in my brain since I first heard of it last year (thanks DB), and now seems the ideal opportunity to work it through.  I shall take the iMac into the studio next week and do some Photoshop layering and such of handpainted text and a photographed fingerprint.  I love this stage!  Plan to work quite large - five panels 12" wide, so need to get a wriggle on....

Fickle?  Because I have ditched the plans mentioned in the last post for the time being.

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