Friday, 11 November 2011

Not blogging but weaving

I have been having a 'play' with my rigid heddle loom, making a length of fabric for a poncho to keep my shoulders warm in the studio (from Curvaceous' darker weft) and a couple of scarves as potential sales items.  Yesterday I got an urge for robins so worked up a cartoon from a photograph and made a 4" square warped at 6epc woven double - I do like my double warps!  The beak has come out a bit big, so no photo until that is remedied - a cut out and needle weave job off the loom I think- but otherwise OK, just time consuming.  Today I made a more stylized version, and have started weaving that on the same warp.  My little Glimakra frame has a peg system and is very quick to warp, so great for sampling on.  I am trying to find a quick to weave but aesthetically satisfying range of tapestries to make for sale at reasonable prices to go alongside my bigger speculative work.  Writing of which, I think that I shall enlarge my 'Matisse' nude (she has the most gorgeous curvy derriere!) to A3 and weave her in my signature style alongside the commissioned 'Fear No Evil'.  There is room on the scaffold for both, even though they will be woven sideways.  I can then swap between grey and colours depending on my mood.....

Tomorrow is the British Tapestry Group AGM and South Eastern Group day - my first.  I shall get to meet some local weavers; should be fun.


  1. yes it should be fun to meet other weavers. take some pics then we can meet them too.
    i've followed you for a while, not commented before but now for some reason unknown to me i would like to know the approx size of the tapestry standing stone of your header, if you don't mind.

  2. It is only about 18" tall - clever photography makes it ambiguous! I made a really big one (7 ft or so) which is in the same grounds, and can be seen in earlier posts. I still have the smaller one, it is now in the grounds at Time Machine. Best Wishes LL


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