Friday, 18 November 2011

Give me a 12" Adjustable Spanner and I am a Happy Girl

In a change to the advertized program, after blocking Robin III I started on a major sort out, inspired by Paul dismantling old tables and assembling new ones donated by a closing down museum.  I knew that I needed to adjust the scaffold loom before starting anything new, so, without ceremony, cut 'Curvaceous' down, and set to with the spanner.  The upper and lower beams are now lower and closer together, giving me the option of a continuous warp without excessive waste.  'C' is face down on one of the old tables and has had her ends trimmed, Robin III is drying.  Measuring 'C' showed me how much I had crept in with the 'soft' warp (note to self "Tighten Up!!") so severe blocking session necessary. Hey Ho.

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