Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Robin III

I admit to being rather pleased with him, but then I do really like robins!

Today I:
Booked a rail ticket 'home' to see my Dad at the weekend; he is in hospital for knee surgery
Baked a loaf of bread
Cleared the working area of rejected yarns and stuff
Made an A4 cartoon of a full size section of the potential design for 'Identity'
Warped up the sample loom
Wove a decent section of the sample, and am itching to get back to it tomorrow
Ate lots of fruit
Drank lots of tea
Had a good chat with my friend Stevie

Off to do  a bit of sewing now, then a lovely shower.  I do have a nice life!


  1. he's Alive!! and worth the wait - could you tell us the size please? i'm guessing small

  2. perfect size for a robin. i've put you on the front page of my blog as i have a few tapestry readers and Robin III is delightful.


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