Monday, 21 November 2011


I loaded up the car with iMac, yarn samples, packed lunch etc ready for a nice design-ey day at the studio.  And the car WOULD NOT START.  Not so much as a cough.  Flat battery!  Cause diagnosed from 30 miles away by APB - boot lid left ajar since Saturday (how could he possibly guess that?)  Kind neighbour loaned a charger, and has been trickling all day.  No life at 6.30 so decided to cycle to the advertised meeting of Fishbourne 'Stitch n Bitch' to check it out.  Cycle lights defunct.  Thought it wd be OK to cycle on the footpaths, only to find that there are none in the lane, nor streetlights.  Arrived at the Centre to find that I was in the wrong place.  Poddled to the Bull's Head (lights on that part of the cycle path :-)).  No club there either, not since before the summer.  So I walked home, pushing my lovely Miss Marple bicycle.  At least it was not raining!  Hopefully the car will work tomorrow.....

although I could cycle to the studio, as long as I leave before it gets dark.


  1. i know the pain and anguish, same thing happened to me a few months ago but with a bite - there was a rat's nest in the engine and they had bitten thru the electrics! costly++
    Lovely bike tho.

  2. Thank heaven it was not a rat's nest. Very thought gives me the shivers!


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