Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Books, Blocking and Deep Thoughts(?)

They would, of course, be much better displayed as individual artefacts rather than on the table like this - and indeed will be in June.  The found objects will be woven into, using themes from their accompanying Haiku for the imagery.

Diana helped me nail out and start the blocking of 'Curvaceous'. About a gazillion brass nails, two wet sheets and a lot of 'primal patting' (like primal screaming, only quieter!).  We shall see how it looks on Friday.  Moving the loom and the temperature variation = slacker warp meant that she was 8cm wider at the base than at the top.  I know I seek to escape the tyranny of the rectangle, but this was a trapezium too far.  I may have to employ the steam iron.  I shall be a whole lot more careful with my warp tension next time (indeed, am being with the 'Identity' series).

I warped up the Ashford yesterday / this morning, and started weaving a sample of my weaver's mark for Identity (using my lovely blues).  We are all making an 8 x 8 cm piece with our personal mark on, which will be collaged and displayed at the exhibition.  I am also going to make some small landscapes and 'meditations' to sell.

Seeing the warp set me thinking: a new warp is like a first date, all the anticipation and excitement, all that potential, before the inevitable compromise or disappointment or rejection, and sometimes, just sometimes, something which lives up to or exceeds your vision and hope.

Enough thinking!  My tea has all gone and Deep Purple have finished; time to select another album and get back to the loom.  Something classical this time; the Mahler Resurrection Symphony perhaps.

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  1. i enlarged your pics and there's some beautiful work there, both yours and Nature's, esp those books. Thanks for sharing your 'new warp' idea threads.


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