Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Recipe for a Good Morning

More Woody Gorgeousness

Wake up to Radio 3 playing Polovtsian Dances.
Receive delivery of organic fruit & veg box.
Make strong tea and open all the windows to gain fresh air circulation (never mind the noise from the builders next door).
Rearrange work space and site found objects and yarns as pieces for contemplation (of potential interventions, not some weird cult behaviour!!).
Lay 'Curvaceous' on table, put fave album on iPod + speakers (70s Genesis) turning up loud-ish to drown noise of aforementioned builders, start sewing up any slits longer than 1cm.
Allowing the weaver's cat to sit on lap (until the point where she thinks she should sew too) also helps.  Break for cafĂ© mocha at noon.  Cat on lap with laptop, doglet curled up beside.

Look forward to drawing ( I want to do at least 5 today) and warping after a shopping trip into the city (to the nice supermarket for good meat).  More slit sewing.


1 comment:

  1. important to keep the noise of builders at bay, could be the reason for energy lows. beautiful swirls in that wood.


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