Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sore Feet and Idle Hands

Today was ESU banquet day at Time Machine - we catered for 20+:-

Pea and (Funtington) Ham Soup, Freshly baked bread roll

South Downs Lamb stew with vegetables and new potatoes

Treacle tart, vanilla ice cream and clotted cream

Should not have worn boots with heels!!  Was out from 9.15 til 6, so rather too tired for weaving tonight, so enjoying a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio with my feet up, in the armchair, with the cat and dog wedged in the spaces either side.  Comfy.

My spy at WD (Diana) tells me that 'Curvaceous' has shrunk and dried beautifully; I am looking forward to seeing 'her' tomorrow when I go and collect the Fun a Day stuff.  Pulling out all those brass blocking nails will be fun, then all the other finishing tasks once home.  At some point I have to acquire (and bring home on the bus / train) a 6ft length of 2 x 1 batten.  What larks, Pip!

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