Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Weaver's Cat, the Weaver's Dog and the Weaver's Vintage Cushion

This is the closest they have got without me being there too (they like to share my lap; each half on and half off).

I went to the studio today to (temporarily) bring all my stuff home and roll up the scaffolding loom.  Time Machine is hosting a banquet for the English Speaking Union next week and the whole space is being rearranged at the same time.  When I 'reconvene', I shall be in the corner by a window instead of in the middle of the room.  Should be better light.

I shall be working at home for the next few days (as I have for the last few - being car-less) with a lot to keep me occupied; Fun a Day is being 'hung' at WD on Saturday, so I have to finish my drawings and assemble the book and select the best found objects to include; I have to weave my weaver's mark for 'Identity' and some small pieces to sell, also some small 3D pieces (like the one below) for an Outdoor Art event.  

First of all tomorrow I shall arrange my space (= take over the whole sitting room with weaving stuff), do some drawings and warp up the Ashford tapestry loom which is now at home.  I will be able to fit quite a lot on it, rather than working on separate frames.

I think all this means that E+E have returned.  Praise Be.


  1. must have been due to lots of licks and pats from the cat and dog, praise be indeed. i love the similar colouring of said animals, soft greys. the small 3d piece is interesting, about 30cm high?

  2. About 50cm. It as made using the same warp / weft combo as 'Lament'. I made it on a library residency last year. I called it 'Held' when I showed it in my end of year show.


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