Saturday, 14 September 2013


Resumed work on the woven version of the North Transept window. I seem to have developed a faster and less awkward way of working than I recall the first attempts being.
I went to Choral Evensong and had a flash of inspiration for another mixed media piece during the final hymn. It means reassembling the Ashford loom at home so that I can work on the idea in odd moments.
At the exhibition meeting we worked out the layout and the pieces that will be included - due to fixing constraints, 'Abram / Wilfred / Parable' (the working title keeps changing) will not make an appearance, but 'Thread of Grace' will if it is shipped back from the US in time. I now have to order my plinths from the workshop at WD, take some good detail shots of 'Rebuilder' for the press release / Cathedral website, design a poster / flyer and finish all the weaving.
Another development is that I will be assembling the scaffold loom in the North Transept again, to one side of the exhibition. I shall be able to rewarp the 'Identity' tapestries from last year and resume weaving hayyah in public. Visitors will be able to see weaving in action once more (the Visitors' Officer thinks this will be an important part of the exhibition). 'Nefesh' is on the same warp, so will whet people's appetite for the rest of the series, I hope!

Location:The Dungeon

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