Monday, 16 September 2013

One Loom, Two Warps

The left-hand side is a continuous warp (hence the knitting needle 'handle' at the back) red linen at 4epc, which gives me about seven feet of weaving length. See how I am bilingual with units? :-)
The RHS is a fine silk at 3epc. It was an experimental accidental dyeing result where everything else in the bath became a fetching shade of 'School Jumper Blue', yet to be found a use for.

A scarlet 1ply, crimson fine mix, two shades of extremely fine silk. There is also some red wire being incorporated here and there.

A dirty jade wool rescued from the bin, the aforementioned silk and some space dyed 1 ply.

Both pieces of weaving will be combined with found stones.


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