Monday, 30 September 2013

I Have Not Been Idle, Honest!

More wrapping and weaving of the North Transept window, filling of the space between the word layers and spire blocks.

A visit to see 'Moore Rodin' at HMF in Hertfordshire was most welcome after a pleasant evening (not) before in the Portsmouth one way system trying to get to a private view. Arrived at 7:58 and it ended at 8:00. Coo, urr, gosh.
Moore Rodin was brilliant. I had forgotten how much I like Rodin sculptures, only having seen small casts since my visit to Musee*Rodin when I was 18. Too long away. One piece they had brought across was 'Danaid*'which was a delight to see again - together with a realisation that the memory of it has been 'with me' since those far off days. Later I am going to revel in the exhibition catalogue.

The first of my three talks (From Cloth to Computers: without weaving there would be no web) went down well this morning: I base this on the fact that there were some appreciative comments and no-one asked for their money back!

Having been up since 5am and not slept much for three nights, right now I intend to have a nap. So there.

*apologies that my iPad won't let me use the proper accents

Location:Home, Dungeon, Portsmouth, Vicars' Hall, Henry Moore Foundation

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