Monday, 2 September 2013

Of Weaving Progress and Sunset Curry!

mem almost finished - need to weave the square on point that underpins the overlap. As you do. Two whole studio days in prospect this week, which should mean good progress, added to any afternoon / evening sessions I can fit in.

This evening we got a curry from our favourite takeaway and took it to the garden of an abandoned-and-soon-to-be-demolished house on the Bosham Channel. Sat on a bench using the sea wall as a table and watched the sun setting over Chidham. Gorgeous!! And never to be repeated because after the demolition a new house will be built and the land will be private once more.

The sky was much bluer than it appears here; must fiddle with the camera settings before my next sunset outing!

On the way up, Chanctonbury Ring and on the way down respectively.

Location:The Dungeon and Bosham Channel

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