Monday, 25 June 2012

Back Where I Belong

A fine day today, so was able to resume weaving on the outdoor tapestry!  So nice to be back on my platform and stool combo.  Took a break mid afternoon to go and visit a lady who had offered us 'some yarn and weaving tools' after seeing the work last Saturday.  A delightful lady - who was one of Pat's first students at WD - and loads of wonderful yarns, bobbins, dyes (and dye % folders - a real bonus), a metal frame loom and a large capacity bobbin rack (made by a student to the WD design, so just like the one I had there), all for  a very modest price.  The yarns are a mixture of good quality stuff; some (coloured) can be used for the outdoor tapestry and some (undyed) I can dye myself to use for Rebuilder, which will keep costs down.  There are also some interesting coloured warps - including the yummiest black mohair.  I feel a very lucky weaver to be in receipt of such rich delights.

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