Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Today I did some dyeing and build a yurt (as you do)

Impromptu washing line in front of the Sussex flint wall at Time Machine.  The first 7 skeins are Harris singles, the last one a chunky 2 ply Swaledale.  L to R the colours are beetroot+vinegar, acid red, acid yellow, acid blue+acid yellow (20 mins), acid blue+acid yellow (40mins), acid red+acid blue x2, ditto put in after the previous two taken out.  All destined to be used at the tapestry workshops I am running in the TM tent at  the Goodwood Festival of Speed from tomorrow until Sunday.

The head of the dragon who is curled around the fire pit at TM, modelled by Caz, who designed the Sensory Garden, which has its official opening on Saturday.  It is unfortunate that it has coincided with FoS, but we hope we have organised things well for both events......

The 'naked' yurt - not enough sail canvas donated yet to make the covering.  Mostly made from reclaimed materials - the walls are cut from old organ pipe covers!  It took four of us about four hours to do this, the only young and fit member of the team being my Boy!  Alec is over 70 and Paul and I both have prolapsed discs - but we did a fab job.  Once it is dressed it may become my weaving space after I have finished the outdoor tapestries.

Early start tomorrow - school groups have a special day at FoS, and we have five sets visiting us.  Friday is school groups again (another five), plus the public.  Saturday and Sunday public days; drop-in Art, Tapestry, Jewellery and 'Reclaim Fun' sessions.  Monday is break down (and hopefully not breakdown!)


  1. sorry i haven't been around to visit in a while, life has been temperamental. I hope you got the yurt up and well covered. I'd love to see a pic of it.

  2. Are you OK?
    Still no covering for the yurt, and I have been exhausted after FoS - great time though. I have an interview for a full time weaving job at WD on Thursday. I have not had a 5 day a week 9-5 job since 1986!


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